Our aim and endeavor in technical consultation is to bring out the value using the business case, ideas and requirements of stakeholders with collaborative, efficient and sustainable practices with iterative solutions.

Designing is a phase which needs a greater scope of clear inputs and hence our approach is to maximize the value to instill this phase, from flexible plant operation to operational maximization, schemes and efficiency, we work on holistic approaches. Engineering is the competency to use the resource efficiently to maximize its required output and tolerance, we take methods and study approach to validate this;

Project Management uses broad range of skills, tools and techniques to reach the scheduled goals, as a Project Managements Professional’s approach using 47 Project Management Process Groups within the 5 Project Management Process Groups and the 10 Knowledge Areas. We customize the offerings based on scope, time, cost and quality per project stakeholder demands.

Services offered in Mechanical Checks, Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning, Plant Operations and hand over. We offer 3rd party commission services

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