ProSym provides Technical Advisory, Engineering & Validation Services for Process Industries.

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Our passion is to deliver value and earn to be the most respected, admired consulting and technical advisory firm in the capital goods invested for customer assets.

Values, Beliefs and Governance

All people will be treated equally with respect, dignity, honor, fairness at every situations and act according to the governed regulations across the land and boundaries we serve and operate.

20 Years Experience in the Process Industry.

We take immense pride in working towards realizing a successful goal by taking up your business case, ideas, project concept by providing complete know-how on technology advisory for the sectors we service


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Application & Markets

Key Person

Sandeep Siddappa holds a Bachelor’s of Engineering from B.I.E.T and an Exe. Management Programme from IIMB and is an experienced Project and Process Engineer, Designer and a Management Consultant with years of experience in Premier Consulting and Project Management Companies.

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